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Michaelas ribbon noodles - order pasta & noodles online

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Buchholz Gold, Michaelas ribbon noodles, 6mm - rolled, not too narrow and not too wide

Buchholz Gold "Michaelas ribbon noodles" are 6mm wide ribbon noodles that traditionally consist of durum wheat semolina and 15% egg. A sheet of dough is gently pressed through a bronze die, which is then rolled into a rough structure and cut into a width of 6mm by a cutting roller.

Dried lying down at gentle temperatures, Michaela's ribbon noodles have excellent firmness and an intense, noodle-like taste.

You can enjoy the carefully made ribbon noodles either simply with a little butter and sea salt, with a fine sauce with a piece of meat, or just as you like.

Simply order and buy now.

Contents: 250 ge

Ingredients: DURUM WHEAT semolina, Chicken FULL EGG (15%)

Nutritional values per 100 g
Kcal 317
Kj 1327
fat 2.3
saturated fat 0.5
carbohydrates 60.1
of which sugars 0.4
protein 12.1
Fiber 3.5
salt 0.0
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