About Us - Markus and Matthias - Buchholzer Noodles

Who are the two and why do they make pasta?

Two good questions! Who we are is described briefly and succinctly below. Why we make pasta is probably due to what you can read below and, above all, to the fact that we grew up with our own bakery and pasta factory ...

For as long as we can remember, the most important thing in the entire company has been to produce good food that has a taste that stands out from the average product. In the bakery in particular, many children were spent imagining that they could produce something new, ingenious, and unique.

We weren't given any bread with toppings to school - we took whatever we were hungry for from the store. The fact that these were always pretzels or salty rolls for Markus and Matthias doesn't matter.

We are no longer children and we don't want to live on memories. We aim to produce noodles that taste better than many others.

Markus and his story

I studied business administration in Vienna and told my family from the beginning of my studies that I would be self-employed sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I had various ideas, all of which had to do with nutrition. I have been interested in nutrition and its effects on people, especially in connection with sport, for a long time and so I became a private nutritionist for my friends and family and a co-founder of the Schätzle Pasta GbR.

The really funny thing about the whole story - as a kid you could only make me happy with two dishes. Either fries with schnitzel (understandable); yes, and the other always had something to do with Buchholzer noodles and Maggi.

That means our soup noodles with broth and a lot of Maggi or simply tagliatelle with just Maggi.

My taste buds developed at some point and now I cook everything possible (only Maggi is no longer an ingredient) and there are really very few foods with which you can chase me off the farm.

The establishment of the Schätzle Pasta GbR with my brother is the fulfillment of my dreams.

I am my own boss and of my two great loves, food and sports, one is 100% represented.

Matthias and his story

I studied law and graduated in 2017. I am interested in law to this day, but when I was still at school when I was still living "at home", it never occurred to me to buy pasta from another baker, and even when studying in Heidelberg, Lausanne and Würzburg, it was out of the question to eat pasta to buy...

I had Buchholzer noodles there or none at all. I was able to eat noodle soup with our soup noodles for days. The broth, with a little nutmeg and, at best, chives, was only there to give the noodles "the soup flavor"; 250 g were usually consumed. In a nutshell, the idea of revitalizing the noodle factory after it was closed was a concern for me, so that I can continue to enjoy noodle soup with my own noodle in the future. In addition, our parents, as well as the Netflix series Chef's table, our chief engineer Michi, my "business partner" Markus and a friend, Raphi, who made the possibility clear to me, are also partly responsible.

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